Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2010, 1st Quarter - Mama

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Preparing for LC's 2nd birthday...I decided to make a bean bag target, by hand, March 2010. I bought 3" ladybug bean bags for LC's bug & nature-themed party...and rather than buying a $30 target, for the kids & adults to toss the bean bags into/through...I took the empty box that LC's old tangerine Chicco C6 umbrella stroller came in (her fav old stroller, when she hit the weight max...it was a sad day for her)...and I lined the top with green construction paper, then I cut uneven holes on one side with safety scissors (to not injure myself, as I am prone to do...nursing a right thumb that I cut yesterday while chopping swiss chard ;-)...and I decided to make it look playful by FINGER-PAINTING flowers & a butterfly with crayola kids paint...YES! I finger-painted...and it was quite therapeutic! Since the holes were cut in such a jagged and uneven manner...I decided to dress it up with some leftover ribbons from Valentine's Day crafts we made together.

Then, I decorated all the other sides of the box with LC's drawings! This was a cool way to incorporate her creativity into a party game we would all be playing...(it was such a big hit with everyone...and LC has played with it several times since then...that I saved the box and will be taping it up a bit & bringing it out again for her 3rd birthday party)...here's a picture of the work in progress, with one side covered with her crayons drawings...she was fascinated when I was doing this and seemed proud that everyone would be seeing her art.

The lazy way of creating hand puppets...I simply bought an Alex craft kit...and made some animal puppets for LC... LC helped put some of the stickers on...I had to use Elmer's glue, though....glue sticks that came with the kit just didn't stick well enough. (Later, I started to make my own hand puppets out of brown lunch paper bags...and LC helps decorate them nicely!!...I also started using white paper plates...to let LC paint & draw on them & create collages...and it's easy to give out as gifts later or put up on one's own shelves as decorations...you can also add some of nature in the art, of course...take a walk together, LC loves our walks, collect pine cones, leaves, pebbles, flowers, twigs & shells outside...create paper plate art for different seasons etc.)