Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2010, 1st Quarter - LC

2010 was "The Year of the Circle", for LC. In 2009, it was all about drawing a line...and then in 2010 she became fascinated with her ability to draw circles. She drew this at home, with crayons, 1/5/10:

Below picture taken at an art studio family workshop on 1/9/10. It was our first art workshop, it lasted 2 hours...they provided the supplies and no instruction. We continued to make art at home for months...and then I registered her for a 10 week toddler art class in the summer, that we took together. (She met her good friend V in that art class, who is 5 months younger than LC....and we have socialized with V and her mom regularly at our home and many places in NYC.) LC raced to the table, to draw with the thin markers there:

Since they had play-doh there, she tried it out...but wasn't interested in it for long.

At home, 1/20/10, crayons:

At home, 2/10/10, making Valentine's Day cards...LC LOVES stickers...and she stuck all of them on this card, by herself...even creating the faces. So, a child who is 22 months old can certainly make greeting cards and people will enjoy receiving them.

At home, 02/13/10...I found that I could communicate with LC through illustrations or songs...during moments when she was having a Terrible Twos tantrum (which is rare for her :-) Below is a picture I drew quickly of the Blue's Clues TV show character...and LC's mood immediately improved and she was her happy self again and she wanted to start drawing on the page with me.

02/15/10, stickers, stickers, she is at our kitchen table.

03/15/10, crayons, LC experimenting with lots of colors & shapes, at home. It gives me great joy to look at her creations.

03/25/10, almost 2 years old. Below is a detail in her marker was so awesome to find this FACE in her giant picture, at home. For the first time, it wasn't just lines, dots & curves...she was able to position it all properly to represent a human face.

At home, 3/25/10...and from then on...her drawings had many circles...and many faces.