Monday, March 7, 2011 last time

I think this will be the last set of pics for 2009 (except for a Halloween costume comparison post coming up)...and I will move on to 2010 tomorrow! Below is a cute picture of LC pretending she is in a boat, 9/10/09, almost 1 1/2 years old...yes, she was that small to fit into a Pampers diapers box.

(Right now...I hear her in the guest room/play room...she climbed into her toddler playpen & she is saying "I am in deep, deep water...deep, deep water!" Her favorite pretend asking mama to get on top of the big bed, the "boat", and putting blankets on the carpet, the "water"...and we each take turns falling into the water...and the other person will "save" the person who fell into the pulling her back onto the boat).

08/11/09...I set up some tunnel tents in our dining room area..and filled one up with little plastic balls... (see, you don't need batteries to have fun...children have such great imaginations and create their own worlds! that's what I remember most about my early childhood...)

09/15/09...she's getting bigger every can see a bit of the tunnel tents in the background...they remained a permanent fixture in the dining room for many months. You can also see (what I call) her Flintstone's car (which she is now finally moving on her own, with her feet, without begging for mama to push it...which gives me great hope for her riding her trike this spring/summer on her own...since my back hurt so much pushing it last year...) You can also see a doll stroller in this pic...these days, she bounces between playing pretend with the dolls (feeding them, swinging them, pushing them in the stroller) and playing with her race track and trucks, cars, train, rocketship, airplane, little people and dinosaur...creating these little worlds...with lots of interesting stories...'s a pic taken 9/15/09...if there was one purchase I made that delighted her on a daily basis for a year and a half (and still counting!), allowing her to express herself happily and not needing was this big Remo Kids drum, with a picture of the rainforest on has an awesome sound, a real drum sound (not like a toy drum)...and she LOVES to play her drum!...and every child who visits likes to play it, too... (this last Christmas, she watched the 1968 animated movie "The Little Drummer Boy" on DVD...and she ran to play her drum each time he played his drum!)

At the same time, I also got a Lollipop drum for her...since I saw that in a kids music makes a great sound, if you hold it up while banging it...though when she heard it was called a "drum" she put it on the floor and wanted to make sounds with can't hear much if you use it that way. Maybe she will get into it, marching around with it, this year.

AH....09/18/09...her love of egg shakers!!! I sing a little song for her and it really gets her going...I sing "Shake, shake, shake, shake a-L...shake it all the time...if you love L, and you know I do, then you love to listen to her shake her egg shakers too!!!" this thrills L to no end every week, still! (and no batteries...and the egg shakers cost $1 from a music store). (I love the outfit in this picture...very laidback Cali sort of outfit, though we were in NYC, yes...I found the wonderful high quality Naartjie Kids store in a Cali mall...but have been ordering beautiful clothes from them online since I moved back to NYC).

12/12/09...when she discovered the magic of MARKERS (of course, washable ones! ha)...there were MANY evenings at home that markers covered her face and hands...and I planned her drawing sessions right before bath time and bed.

12/31/09...let's end '09 with SNOW....luckily for LC...she experienced the magic of snow for the first time when she was only 20 months old...this is what I created for her out of the snow, leaves ,twigs, stones and flower found in our backyard, she liked it a lot...(she loves being bundled up for the winter - warmest parka, sweater, gloves, hat, scarf and socks from babyGap...and walking outside a lot with mama.)

...and little did I know...that the following winter...haa...NYC would have many blizzards and record snowfalls...and that our Bob Revolution jogging stroller (awesome stroller on almost any terrain, incredible maneuverability and the smoothest ride for napping monkeys!) couldn't even get through the 1-2 feet of snow...and had to remain parked in our living room for many LC remarkably made her way through it all with her amazing Stride Rite Thermolite Cold Front II snow boots on...never falling once on snow or blocks of ice!! As a new mom, you buy a lot of gear...and you definitely regret some purchases...and then, there are some purchases that were SO worth it...and those are the ones I am mentioning.

I'll also throw in praise for the ERGO Baby truly allowed me to carry LC every day when she was an infant...without hurting my back...up and down stairs...walking for a mile or two...and into her toddler years...since the weight limit is 40 lbs for it...and LC is now 32 lbs, and she is at the 100th percentile of height for her age I might add, a very tall toddler...I still sometimes carry her around if she is sleepy at home and she wants to stay close to me while I do chores...and when we're outside and I don't have the Maclaren Volo umbrella stroller with me (an awesome light stroller for toddlers, my back thanks the company...esp. when I have to carry it up/down stairs via subway) and LC usually gets tired walking more than 3/4 of a mile at a time.